The Best Hugh Grant Movies

Hugh Grant The Actor and the Movies He has Starred In:

urlA floppy haired romantic, Hugh Grant is one of Britain’s most well known movie actors. He has acted in various dramatic and comical movie rolls.

Hugh Grant is best known for his roles in Notting Hill (1999), opposite Julia Roberts, and in Music and Lyrics (2007), opposite Drew Barrymore, among his other works. I love watching Hugh Grant Movies on a relaxing day with a glass of wine. Some of his movies are of coarse better then others. My favorite of his is Bridget Jones.

What works is considered his best movie? What move of starring Hugh Grant is your favorite?

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Witness a young and kind of quirky Bridget Jones in her ups and downs of her love life. Starring Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. I was a big Bridget Jones Fan so I had to watch this one as well. If you have not watched the first on then this would be a great part of a long romantic movie marathon.

For Hugh Grant fans, he was as charming as always, but his part is not as long in this film as many would have wished.

Notting Hill:

A famous women and a everyday man is a start of a classic romantic notion that has been done right in this romantic movie. Although you really can not go wrong with pairing up Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant.

Although in real life I do not think I could see Julia asking a man to love her, the scene is kept as real as possible.

Love Actually:

51-CU01Fp4L._SX940_Funny romantic comedy with lots of fun twists and turns, with favorite actors Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy, and Gregor Fisher.

I admit I did not like the movie at first and did not get into until about a third away in. By then I had to restart the movie and watch it again.

The main reason I think it first appears as slow going is that the movie is about several different couples. Some are in happy situations others are not so much. So it was kind of hard to piece all the parts together until all the main characters was properly introduced.